DTI Collision & Glass

Independent collision center located at Paine Field Airport

We help your Tesla get back to being a Tesla

**We are almost “Tesla Approved” and currently upgrading equipment to offer service soon**

DTI has made substantial investment in equipment and training to provide the high standard of quality you and your Tesla deserve

DTI Collision and Glass isn’t your average body shop, doing average body repairs on average cars. We are Team Tesla and almost Tesla approved, offering a collision center that provides our local Tesla community with a high standard of quality and service.

Our team can repair or replace auto glass for all makes and models but Auto Body services are available to Tesla models only.

New vehicles, especially Teslas, require special skills and qualified technicians to work on these high-tech vehicles and we invite you to bring your Tesla to DTI at 2916 100th St SW, Everett, WA 98204 for your auto body repair needs.

⭐ASE Certified⭐

⭐I-CAR Certified⭐

⭐Almost Tesla Approved⭐

⭐24 Hour Surveillance⭐

Your Tesla is not the average vehicle and deserves the attention of a Tesla Approved Body Shop

Owning a Tesla demands precision in body repairs, and DTI Collision and Glass in Everett, Washington, stands out as your leading Tesla Approved Collision Center. Our certified technicians, equipped with factory training and cutting-edge technology, use OEM parts directly sourced from the manufacturer.

Exclusive privileges, such as ordering specific parts, are a testament to our adherence to technical measures and safety training.

DTI is authorized for comprehensive rebuilding and repair, ensuring strict adherence to manufacturer original specifications. We use Tesla-approved parts, recommended tools, and technology, upholding the high standards of Tesla.

Our factory-trained technicians excel in uncovering concealed damages and ensuring the proper functioning of your vehicle’s wiring and microchips. Choose DTI for service that aligns with your Tesla’s exacting standards.

Why choose DTI Collision & Glass?
Certified Expertise

We employ certified technicians who have undergone specialized training directly from Tesla. This ensures that repairs are carried out with precision and in accordance with today’s stringent standards.

Specialized Equipment and Technology

DTI has invested heavily into cutting-edge equipment and technology specifically designed for Tesla’s of today and tomorrow. This ensures that repairs are conducted using the latest and most appropriate tools, contributing to the longevity and performance of the vehicle.

Exclusive Access to OEM Parts

Repair centers like ours have direct access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This guarantees that only genuine components, designed and tested by the manufacturer, are used in the repair process, maintaining the vehicle’s integrity and performance.

Technical Measures and Safety Standards

Vehicles often require unique technical measures for repairs, and safety standards must be strictly adhered to. Approved facilities such as ours have the expertise and training necessary to implement these measures, ensuring the safety of both the vehicle and its occupants.

Adherence to Tesla's High Standards

By choosing a professional repair facility, owners can be confident that the service aligns with your Tesla’s exacting standards. This includes using approved methods, tools, and technology to guarantee that the repaired vehicle meets the performance and safety expectations set.

Concealed Problem Identification

Factory-trained technicians at approved facilities such as DTI Collision and Glass are adept at identifying concealed problems using approved manufacturing methods and equipment. This includes uncovering hidden damages and ensuring the proper functioning of intricate components like wiring and microchips.

We use only Original OEM Parts which are ordered directly from the manufacturer.  Some can only be ordered by an approved shop due to special installation and safety training.